H2 LED Light Bar

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Item Number: H2-LT-411
Predator's new H2 LED Light Bar is the perfect integration of lights for your H2 Hummer utilizing the latest in LED light technology. Predator has partnered with Rigid Industries for the ultimate in High Performance LED Lighting and is proud to offer an integrated solution for the H2 Hummer. We offer two different light bars that can both be used for either the front or rear of your H2 Hummer. The single stack offers a more low profile design with one row of LED lights providing for an amazing 16,000+ Lumens.

The Double Stack offers two rows of LED Lights producing almost 20,000 Lumens for extreme amounts of light. It is slightly taller then the single stack however still resides below the level of the stock Roof Rack Rail which provides better then stock clearances into garages. 
With our unique mounting system allows either the Single or Double Stock Light Bar to mount on either the front or rear of your H2 Hummer.

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